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About me

Mimi has been studying natural horsemanship and equine experiential learning for over 10 years, which has taken her to the USA, Victoria and across South-Western Australia. Mimi has attended workshops with some of the world’s leaders in their field including:  Linda Kohanov , Drea Brown,  Nora Ehnqvist, Sam Caphorn and Duey Freeman covering training in Epona, Eagala, Gestalt and Somatic.  Mimi has accreditation in CEEL (Centre for Equine Experiential Learning), AEFL (Australian Equine Facilitated Learning) and E3A (Equine Experiential Learning)

Mimi has worked in personal development fields including drug and alcohol counselling, parenting coach and placement coach (for long time unemployed).

Mimi now supports people that are on the autism spectrum in addition to the support she provides to her own children who are also on the spectrum.

Mimi has spent the last 25 years studying personal development and has studied/attended training on many topics including, meditation, HNLP (Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Programming), mindfulness, conflict resolution, facilitation, counselling, personal development and communication.

Mimi has a passion for helping others gain clarity within their lives and loves the way horses can reveal true behavioural patterns. Mimi has a warm, down to earth approach that together with her sense of humour puts people at ease so they can enjoy a fun and insightful session, providing the participant great opportunities for self-awareness and awareness.

Mimi Mimi