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Why Horses?

The way we think and feel is reflected, often almost imperceptibly, In our energy, intention and body language. Horses are prey animals, sensitive, intuitive and intelligent: they acutely receptive to the subtlest of change and watch for them naturally when communicating with each other. The horse’s responses serve as a mirror of our inner state.

The beauty of horses is that we are their natural predators and yet they choose to work with us reveling truths about ourselves and helping us to gain greater awareness and insight into our lives.


Why choose equine experiential therapy?

Navigating ourselves through this life can at times be a challenge! We don’t always have a clear perspective on things that are playing out. Learning about ourselves with the horses can be powerful and life changing!

Many people feel intimidated or daunted by the more traditional environment of a consulting room. Here you are treated in the gentle company of naturally kept horses grazing with a backdrop of vast skies, trees and fresh air. At Stable awareness you are guided through an inspiring, motivating, conflict fee and non judgmental experience that leaves you free to make choices, heal and recover at your own pace.

Rarely is one given an opportunity to see a mirror image of your inner state, an image that provides you with a clear insight into where changes and healing is most needed.

Through simple interactions with the horses and guided observations you can get to the root of the things that are getting in the way of the life you want to have.


How does equine experiential learning work?

The collective energy and group dynamic of the herd is key to the stable awareness equine involvement approach. With their minds experiencing only the present moment and their bodies free of stress, horses communicate clearly through an intuitive network of sensing and knowing. Clarity is paramount and allows for precision. The distraction of contradictory or unclear messages could put the whole herd in danger. The herd works constantly on maintaining emotional and physical equilibrium. They not only skillfully involve us in that process but teach us to be as they are, free and open. As prey animals their lives depend on fear and the efficacy of their sympathetic nervous system to flood adrenaline related hormones and evoke their flight response when threatened. We do the same. It is how we deal with that differs. Horses not only take flight when threatened but instantly return to a relaxed state once the danger is over, releasing all the stress hormones from their body and freeing their minds of its memory. This vital to their survival.

After the strenuous exercise of full flight, horses perform a series of yawning, snorting, shaking, bucking and twisting to ensure body, mind and soul are restored to a state of perfect balance and peak performance. If the energetic and physical memories of fear are retained in the body, imbalances occur leading to dis-ease and dis-order. It is the same for us.

Being in the company of this pure and balanced energy is powerfully healing. Connecting to the horses is an experience like no other and opens up a clear insight and healing pathway to what lies beyond our fear.

This is a non judgmental environment, fear, anger and aggression are replaced with courage and calm assertiveness and low self esteem and self hatred are replaced with confidence, self belief and acceptance.