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Working with Mimi’s horses has helped me in my life. When I first started lessons I had no clue what I was suppose to do and got nervous. As I continued to go to the sessions I learnt more and more. I learnt things like how to control my emotions, how to be relaxed, and to trust the horse, Mimi and myself. I also learnt that sometimes people like horses need space and they can give little signals when you can come closer or play with them.

I found it difficult at the beginning because I didn’t know what to do but it became easier. The horse some times ran away just like some of my friends do but I started to understand why this was happening. The pony and I became best friends because we learnt to trust each other, we gave each other space when we needed it and we made a good team together.

I learnt that sometimes you should try your hardest to become a friend to some one especially if they are alone, or being bullied by someone. I also learnt how to become a better friend. I am starting to understand my feelings a lot more now.

By Jennae aged 11 years


I was worried when my ten year old daughter was struggling with short term memory problems and with social interaction.  Mimi offered a series of equine experiential learning sessions that focused on interaction with the horse as well as self and mutual awareness.  Jennae is nearly 12 and has benefitted enormously from these sessions. She has increased in self confidence and retains much more from her school lessons.   Thank you Mimi for providing these sessions.  It has been wonderful to watch Jennae form a beautiful bond with you and your horses.

Kindest regards,



It seemed that a weight had been lifted from me. I was amazed that I could of gained so much insight and clarity in a couple of sessions with Mimi and Tayer.

I feel a lot more positive about my situation now. Thanks Mimi and gorgeous Tayer.

Lynda xx


I am really scared of horses but Mimi helped me work through my fears and then helped me learn the importance of being centered and grounded. I realized many patterns that showed up with the horses played also in my life. Some worked for me and some I can do without. I was amazed the difference of the horses behavior when I was relaxed and centered. I want to live my life from that place of being grounded and self aware.  I’m excited to see the differences in my relationships.



My son Chris has been seeing Mimi and her horses for about a year. Chris has mild autism. Since the time he has been coming to see Mimi I have noticed that Chris is slower to anger and his communication skills have improved. Chris is now able to make and keep friendships a lot better.  Chris loves spending time with the horses and looks forward to his time there. Mimi has a wealth of knowledge with people on the autistic spectrum and would highly recommend her to anyone.



I attended a 2 day course at Stable awareness and loved every minute of it!

Mimi worked with Hilary and her heard of horses and I experienced feelings I didn’t even know I had.  My level of self awareness went through the roof! I am excited to take my new skills and awareness into my life and really move forward. Can’t wait for the next course!!



I don’t know how describe my experience at Mimi’s property but it has changed me. Since my experience there I feel a sense of peace. Instead of being quick to argue I am checking in with my body and seeing what is going on for me. I then can come from a place that is more centered and I tend to try to listen from a more caring place than before. My partner has noticed this and it has bought us closer together. Thanks for an awesome experience!