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What can you expect from our workshops?

Learn how to become truly present and to track your emotions and feelings from a place of noticing rather than a place of pain and collapse.

Learn the art of listening and non verbal communication. Horses communicated through body language, movement and posture. People learn all levels of communication and how it impacts others, it has been estimated that only 10% of communication is verbal.

Understand the message behind the emotions, all emotions, even the darkest ones have power to protect and inform. Emotions can also act as an energetic force which is felt physically by others.

Enhance self awareness and intuitive skills; connect with your hearts intelligence and magnetic field which is involved in intuitive perception.

Experience empowerment and inner balance, horses are non judgmental and live in the moment. This enables people to connect in a place of trust which enables them to open up, develop mutual trust in outside relationships allowing them to communicate lovingly.

A safe place to explore and learn about your self and to reclaim your joy.

A fun yet powerful way to grow and learn.

stable awareness workshops stable awareness workshops

Workshops for Couples

What do you bring into your relationship that’s not working?

Come and join us for this unique journey into what is possible for your relationship.

Working with horses as your guide to raise awareness in personal and relationship dynamics. This powerful workshop   with open the door to the relationship you have dreamt of having!

Horses harbor an innate ability to bring forth previously unrecognized and underlying dynamics and emotions that can keep couples stuck. Equine experiential learning along with powerful coaching with our highly trained facilitators can lead to powerful awareness’s that can transform or enhance any relationship.

Whether you are ready to grow as a couple, or on your own, or even as a parent, you’ll find what you need to create the intimacy you’ve been craving. Areas covered include, conflict resolution, intimacy building and sexual awakening. This work not only helps you find the perfect partner but has shown repeatedly to be an essential ingredient in healing broken relationships, reigniting passion and connection and bring family’s closer together. The activities are experiential and no ridding is involved. No previous horse experience is necessary. Our facilitators are specifically trained in working with couples  Training with world renowned coach “Christian Pankhurst” along with many others including: Duey Freeman (Gestalt Psychotherapy), PJ Stergen (E3A equine assisted coaching)

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stable workshops for couples

Private one on one session

With a combination of powerful experiences with the horses as your guides, you will discover:

  1. The mind stories that keep sabotaging you.
  2. The patterns which block your happiness.
  3. Greater awareness of your emotions that hold you back.
  4. How to embody your power so you can move forward.
  5. Gain awareness and celebrate your natural gifts, passions and abilities.
  6. Reframe thinking to gain new perspectives on your experience, awareness and development.
  7. And so much more!

Through this powerful and playful work you will come away with a set of life-shifting skills you can put to use every day, making way for transformation in all areas of your life.

During the session you will experience:

  1. The art of doing nothing is really something!
  2. Learn how to become centered and present.
  3. Gain insight, clarity and strengthen intuitiveness.
  4. Bring awareness to limiting patterns in your life

The activities are experiential and no ridding is involved. No previous horse experience is necessary. Sessions are conducted by a fully trained equine experiential facilitator and coach.

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